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Talented, and innovative professional with extensive skills in the area of artist development recording sessions touch of video production overseeing photography and some business affairs. Nigel is well-known for developing grassroots projects; His expertise and reach consists of assisting in management, marketing, social media advertising, promotion, and a gifted talent to readily conceptualize new and exciting ideas for varied projects. 


For the past 15 years Nigel’s musical projects have exemplified and showcased his experience within the entertainment business and artist project development. His familiarity within A&R, Music production, business affairs, photography, video production, marketing and promotion and record label management, has afforded him the ability to being a Master of his craft in varied areas of the music and entertainment business. 


 The Operational guidance of Palm Tree Flow Records, under the leadership of Nigel and his industry mentors is the primary order of business. Thus, creating organizational processes that includes strategic planning, setting objectives, managing resources, deploying human and financial assets needed to achieve objectives and measuring results is the main objective to achieving its ultimate business goal.


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A little bit more about Nigel; currently the Executive of Palm Tree Flow Records, LLC a music production company that supports all genres of music in development. A talented, award-winning and innovative professional with extensive skills in the area of A&R, recording, video production, photography and business affairs. The early years of his music career afforded him the ability to embark on a few notably accomplished music projects, such as being featured in the “Daily News” Hip Hop Article and being able to participate on the Hip Hop Youth Council more info can be found on my services page.

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Early Years

Nigel has dedicated his career to assisting ambitious Artists working towards building success, by discovering new talent and overseeing their creative development projects.

He is a talented, innovative professional with extensive skills in the area of A&R, record and video production, photography and business affairs. His talent acquisition and management skills are exquisite. 

Let's Move Forward

As a focused dedicated and creative individual Nigel takes the initiative to setting attainable goals for various projects, as well as being able to manage teams, projects and departments. Over the years, Nigel created his own Record and Publishing company (Palm Tree Flow Records) where the tasks of his general services ranged from handling ISRC codes to configuring registration with Nielson Soundscan and necessary societies. A constant go-getter who has the know-how-to creating and maintaining valuable relationships with artists, management, and labels to ensure complete productivity. One of the stronger points of the Palm Tree Flow Records company is the ability to act as liaison between various departments (publicity, sales, marketing, legal, etc) with other companies, the artist, management, attorneys, etc

The early music industry years included basic management and leadership of running his own company. Providing business and strategic planning of all company activities, coordinating activities and resources, the decision maker; formulating policies and planning recommendations. Implementing strategic goals and objectives of the organization, providing marketing, promotions and A&R, as well as being a Professional Photographer, Video Director, Party Promoter and providing optional Radio Promotions all over the Tri-State area, Pennsylvania and Boston. 

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